Thank you for visiting the official website for KING TUT: Treasures of the Golden Pharaoh.  The Los Angeles exhibition has now closed.

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News King Tut Discovery Celebrates 100 Years Kicks Off in Los Angeles

King Tut Discovery Celebrates 100 Years Kicks Off in Los Angeles

100 years after the initial discovery of the Boy King’s treasures, the artifacts will embark on a final world tour while their eternal resting place is constructed at the Grand Egyptian Museum in Cairo.
King Tut: Treasures of the Golden Pharaoh transports visitors to Ancient Egypt where they accompany Tutankhamun on his journey to the afterlife in his quest for immortality. You follow him to the underworld to join Ra, the sun god and creator of the world to meet the striking gaze of the lifesized statue that once stood guard over his burial chamber. Over 150 stunning objects—sixty on display outside Egypt for the first time—showcase the spectacular artistry of the boy king’s 3,300-year old treasure.

In 2005 Andres Numhauser and John Norman organized a seventeen-city world tour of Tutankhamun that was seen by over 11.5 million visitors. In 2012, the objects were returned to Egypt, thinking they would never tour again only to be approached by their friends at the Ministry of Antiquities in Egypt to organize a centennial celebration exhibition. John Norman then contacted Stephen Flint Wood from IMG, a company that helped promote the previous exhibition, to see if they wanted to partner on this exciting project. He responded with a resounding “yes” and we then embarked on a nine-month marathon to finalize the selection of objects and to secure a financial arrangement with Egypt. We are all honored and grateful for the opportunity to produce this exclusive Tutankhamun exhibition.

“If King Tut was going to tour again, this had to be the tour of all tours,” John Norman says. “You only get one 100th anniversary.”

In a dramatic new presentation, dazzling multimedia complements rare artifacts to take guests on an immersive journey of the pharaoh’s quest for immortality. Examine exquisite rings found on King Tut’s fingers, opulent jewelry that adorned his body, and the gold sandals placed on his feet upon burial. While also discovering how cutting-edge technologies have played a role in discovering new tombs and analyzing existing ones in new ways never imagined.

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